Friday, September 9, 2016

Spy Girl (The Prince & The Eagle) by Jillian Dodd

 COVER REVEAL: The Spy Girl Series by Jillian Dodd
Can one girl save the world?

 THE EAGLE (Book Two) by Jillian Dodd
will release on October 11th. 

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Revenge won’t change anything—or will it?

From USA Today bestselling author Jillian Dodd comes the second book in a sizzling series filled with action and adventure. Fans of The Selection and The Hunger Games will discover a heart-pounding thrill ride of espionage and suspense set in glittering high society.

The world’s most deadly assassin, a man known only as The Priest, has come back from the dead to take a series of high profile hits. When the assassin completes his first task—shooting an important world leader, the global community goes into collective shock and his government vows retaliation.

With her cover firmly cemented as Huntley Von Allister, Spy Girl’s vacation on the Royal Yacht is cut short when she’s called home for her next mission—and, this time, it’s personal.
Can Huntley accomplish her mission before the next hit takes place?
And what will happen when she finally comes face-to-face with the man who killed her mother?
With a kickass heroine and intrigue, this page turner will have you spellbound and drooling over your new book boyfriend. - H.M Ward, New York Times Bestselling Author.

The Spy Girl series is an intrigue filled, exciting ride through a world you’ll wish you were part of and want to know more about! - J. Sterling, New York Times Bestselling Author.


Can one girl save the world?

From USA Today bestselling author Jillian Dodd comes the first book in a sizzling new series filled with action and adventure. Fans of The Selection and The Hunger Games will discover a heart-pounding thrill ride of espionage and suspense set in glittering high society.

An eighteen-year-old covert agent is pulled out of training before graduation by Black X, a espionage group so secret even the President of the United States doesn't know it exists.

For her first mission, she must go undercover as the long-lost daughter of a recently deceased billionaire, infiltrate high society, and protect the Prince of Montrovia from assassination. But Prince Lorenzo is known as the Playboy Prince for a reason and his sensuality and charisma add a whole other level of complication to her mission.

She knows that her every move is being watched, but what she doesn’t know is that the Prince is just a chess piece in a bigger game that will have world-wide ramifications. And that Blackwood Academy, the place she has called home for the past six years has secrets of its own.

With a kickass heroine and intrigue, this page turner will have you spellbound and drooling over your new book boyfriend. - H.M Ward, NYT Bestselling author

The Spy Girl series is an intrigue filled, exciting ride through a world you’ll wish you were part of and want to know more about! - J. Sterling, New York Times Bestselling Author.
Meet Jillian Dodd
Jillian Dodd grew up on a farm in Nebraska, where she developed a love for Midwestern boys and Nebraska football. She has drank from a keg in a cornfield, attended the University of Nebraska, got to pass her candle, and did have a boy ask her to marry him in a bar. She met her own prince in college, and they have two amazing children, a Maltese named Sugar Bear, and two Labrador puppies named Camber Lacy and Cali Lucy. She is the author of the That Boy Trilogy and The Keatyn Chronicles Series.

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Conflicted by Lisa Suzanne

Title: Conflicted
Author: Lisa Suzanee
Cover Designer: Amy Queau at Q Design
Genre: Forbidden Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 12

“Be a good little assistant and go get me some coffee.”
Comments like this are why I hate my boss. Since taking over as CEO of Benson Industries, Cole Benson has been demeaning, arrogant, and infuriating.
For as much as I hate him, I can’t stop thinking about him. A captivating attraction passes between us each time his dark eyes meet mine. As the late nights and business trips add up, we are compelled to cross the line of our professional relationship.
But how can I call him my boyfriend when I already have a husband?


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About the Author
Lisa Suzanne is a romance author who resides in Arizona with her husband and baby boy. She’s a part-time college instructor and former high school English teacher. When she's not cuddling baby Mason, she can be found working on her latest book or watching reruns of Friends.

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This Time Around by Amy Davies

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Title: This Time Around
Author: Amy Davies
Model: Lance Jones
Designer: Designs by Dana
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 22

Have you ever met someone for the first time and just felt that spark? I know what you're going to say, it doesn't happen in real life. I thought that too, until one night at a rock concert. You know the story; girl meets boy and boy rocks her world, except boy disappears without a word. That was 10 years ago and I still can't get him out of my head. I guess it just wasn't our time.
10 years ago I met a girl and she rocked my world. She was sweet and sexy as sin and I just up and left, yeah stupid I know. But it's probably one of the biggest regrets of my life. Because 10 years later, I still find myself thinking of our one night together. But it just wasn't the right time.
But that's all about to change. It's been 10 long years and both our lives have changed. But maybe, just maybe it can be our second chance, This Time Around.

This Time Around Promo

About the Author

Amy logo black background
Mum of 3 amazing kids. Married my best friend and soul mate.
I am an avid book reader. I love photography, reading, and music.
I live in South Wales, UK, with my family. Writing is a passion that people should enjoy. Share their imagination with the world, that is what I do. Words make the world go around.
Always remember, never forget.

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Thursday, September 8, 2016

White Lies (Twisted Fate 1) by Kristin Mayer

Excerpt RevealWhite Lies Ebook


A hand trailed up my back as Alex held me. Goose bumps formed in the wake of his touch as I lay on his chest in the darkened hotel room. My fingers traced the military tattoo on his chest I couldn't see but knew was there. The two knives intercepting each other with the inscription I will not accept defeat were over his heart.
“I miss this. Being together tonight feels like when we first started dating. I’m sorry I called you Gabe earlier. I know how you hate that. Old habits.”
My husband’s full name was Gabriel Alexander Thompson. All of his friends called him Gabriel when we first met while I was in college. He was on leave from the military. It had been a chance meeting in a random town as I crossed a street. Fate happened, bringing two people who were meant for each other together. Though I'd tried to take things slow, something between us clicked, and I fell madly in love with him before I realized it. Honestly, it was insane how fast we fell in love. Maybe too fast. But I don’t believe I could have stopped it if I tried.
On our first date, I called him Gabe, and it stuck. At least until he asked me to call him Alex shortly after returning from his last military mission. All of his friends who died overseas called him Gabriel, and it was hard for him to hear a shortened version. I got needing to distance yourself completely from painful reminders. I hadn’t been to Italy since Dad died for that very reason.
The muscles in Alex’s body tightened and then released while he dragged his right hand through his dark hair. Even in the dark, I felt his emerald eyes watching me. His voice was strained when he finally spoke. “Sweetheart, we’re going to find our way back to each other. We’ll get back to the place when we were Gabe and Willow, not Alex and Willow. I’m working through it. I promise you, I’ll never upset you again like I did this afternoon when I found you.”
I kissed his chest and then sighed. “I’m not going to Nonno to try and get him to release my trust. It’s not what Dad would have wanted. We have plenty to live on. I don’t want to fight, but that point I’m not budging on.”
Fingers paused on my back before continuing. I braced myself for the anger to return. “It’s your decision. I’ll respect that.” A small victory—a step in the right direction.
After kissing him again, I laid my ear against his chest, listening to his steady heartbeat. “We might want to think about couple’s therapy. When you came back after leaving the military, something has been missing. It might help us get a new start. I want to make this work.”
“That’s what I want too—a fresh start. For us.”
I smiled at his words. “Thank you for coming back to me.”
“I promised I always would.”
The memory was beautiful. Magical. Through the night, Alex woke me up twice to make love to me. Love. It was the key to everything. For now, I would focus on the memories of last night in order to hold on to hope to save my marriage until I saw him again. I read his words again. I love you, Willow. I never stopped.
Inspiration struck.
I needed to get home.

WL teaser

Title: White Lies
Series: Twisted Fate Series #1
Author: Kristin Mayer
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: September 19
Nothing is as it seems. Our love. Our life. Our future.

Were the lies to protect me? Or was it something else?

There has to be a reason behind all of this. Finding out he doesn't love me would devastate me beyond belief.

They say white lies are harmless, but I don’t believe it. There has to be more to our story.

About the Author
Kristin Mayer is a wife, a proud mother, and a full-time Analyst and Import Manager. Since an early age, she has always enjoyed reading and writing. While visiting her father one weekend, he suggested that she should take up writing again. With family and a career, she didn’t give it a lot of thought, until a story entered her mind and wouldn’t leave. It just kept forming and developing over a couple of months.

At the beginning of 2013, she decided to sit down and write it all down, but she kept it to herself. One sentence developed into two, and before she knew it, she had the makings of a novel.

Kristin tries to live life to the fullest during every moment. She loves to travel and meet new people. She holds a degree in International Business and uses it daily in her job. Kristin now adds “author” on her list of jobs, and feels very blessed and thankful.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Thirty Days: Part Two by Belle Brooks

Title: Thirty Days: Part Two
Author: Belle Brooks
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 11, 2016
“Life is not always as it seems, Abigail, it can be masked by many disguises.” 

Memories are defined as the faculty by which the mind stores and remembers information. 

What would you do if you learned your memories were incorrect? That they’d been stored to hide a bitter truth? Is this even possible? 

Abigail McMillian knows now it is, after a life she chose to forget—a life she chose to change, comes flooding back. Suffering from retrograde amnesia triggered by a fall, Abigail must now try to piece together her real memories from the ones she fictionally created. 

Face to face with Marcus again, the love of her life and the man she’s forgotten for seven years, Abigail’s left with one decision to make:
remember the pain she chose to erase, or remain forever blissful, fictitious in a world of her own creation. 

That’s unless all is not what it seems.

“Overall, there is nothing to not enjoy about this story/book and I applaud Belle Brooks for her debut novel…” - OMGReads

“I absolutely enjoyed Ms. Brooks' writing style. Her characters have depth and a true to life feel, from the leads all the way through to every secondary character.” - Reader Review

“ I love a story where not all is as it seems, and this story gives intriguing twists and turns, taking a shocking new path.” - Reader Review

Born in Australia, Belle Brooks has always had a passion for books and creative writing. She loves exploring the different ways stories can be told through the use of text and in-depth characters. Since she was a child her strong talent and interest in creative writing was evident, explaining that her favourite class in school was English. Despite her love for all things books, she decided the world of advertising and marketing was where she could put her talents to use in the business realm, well that is until now. Belle enjoys creative writing and creating fictional stories that leave a valued message inside the pages.