Saturday, May 7, 2016

GRIT Sector 1: Elias by Rebecca Sherwin

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Title: GRIT Sector 1: Elias
Series: GRIT
Genre: Dark romance/suspense
Beautiful sunset and dramatic clouds over the south side of Lond
I thought I was safe.
I thought I was good.
I thought I was just a girl.
I didn't see it coming.
Destiny had brought us together.
Twenty-first century London - daytime
Freedom is non-existent.
Self-expression is confined to sunlight hours.
Happiness is on a schedule.
Safety is a temporary fixture.
Twenty-first century London - nighttime.
Blood cascades over cobbled stones.
Criminals emerge from the shadows.
The depraved, the deviant, the morally corrupt, own the streets.
Happiness comes in the form of final breaths.
Safety is found in the shrills of death.
A love story emerges inside the barricades.
A story played out many times before...
But not like this.
It's evolution of tradition.
It's insanity fighting to break the cycle.
It's history's repetition with hope for a better outcome.
Can love survive in a drowning capital?
What if the good guys aren't the good guys?
What if the heroes have become the villains?
Trixie Ashford has been living a lie.
Elias Blackwood has been creating it.
It is their destiny to meet.
It will be their downfall to fall in love…
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Beautiful sunset and dramatic clouds over the south side of Lond

Friday, May 6, 2016

Farewell Apathy by Jenn Hype

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Farewell Apathy


Jenn Hype


The world is a scary place, even when you know who you are, where you come from and most importantly, who your enemies are.
So imagine how I felt when I woke up inside of Mayford Mental Institution, strapped to a bed in a dark, empty room with no recollection of how I got there. Try to picture having no family or friends to help you try to remember and adjust to a totally new life.
If only my problems stopped there. If only I didn’t have someone trying to torment me at every turn. If only my life didn’t become more and more complicated the more I started to remember.
It started out okay enough - my friend-turned-psychiatrist Mark found me a job and a place to live. My neighbor Keegan took me in under her wing and helped me adjust. Wyatt, a dark, brooding and dangerously sexy new tenant moved in a week after me, taking on the task of reminding me what blinding lust feels like.
What goes up, must come down, and as soon as life starts to feel like something I can handle, the gravity of my messed up life yanks me right back down on my ass. Kind of crazy how quickly you can go from being completely apathetic about your unknown future, to fearing that your future might not even exist at all….

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Author Bio

What's up world - I'm Jenn Hype.

Author, mother, wife, singer/songwriter, aspiring comedian - I wear many hats. Some of them fit, some of them look ridiculous, and all of them are fun. Life's too short to take anything too seriously, so I don't.
Sarcasm is my go-to, especially when it's most inappropriate. Need someone to make an uncomfortable situation even more awkward? I'm the girl for the job.

I'm ridiculously A.D.D. and I own it. I have a serious addiction to ecards and the majority of my Pinterest account is dedicated to them. The key to my heart is glitter and caffeine - my needs are basic.

I'm a bookaholic and I crush hard on my book boyfriends and their authors. Some might call me obsessive, but I disagree. That word really doesn't do justice to how crazy I get when it comes to something I'm passionate about. I'm not afraid to go fangirl on you, so don't test me.

Anything else you want to know, feel free to ask. I'm an open book, and I love to hear from readers.

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Monday, May 2, 2016


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Title: Cobra & Alexis
Series: Crusaders MC #3.5
Author: L. Grubb
Release Date: May 2nd, 2016
Cover Designer: Booming Book Covers;
Clarissa Wild


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Life was simple before I met Cobra, well, simple to some extent. I had a nine
to five job, a mom that I visited in the hospice, a best friend who I still
adore and more importantly, no kids.

I couldn't wait to meet our little one. Boy or girl, we weren't fussed, but we
kept it a surprise. But when the baby came along, I thought my life was
perfect. I couldn't have wanted anything more. Three days after the birth, I
started feeling shitty, I mean, we all get them days right? But this…this was
something far more serious. I was out of control, borderline bipolar. What the
fuck was wrong with me? Can anyone help me?


How can I help her? I can’t control her. My soothing words go unheard in her
craze for….whatever it is she’s seeking. I have no idea what’s happened to my
sweet Alexis. What has made her so fucking crazy? It’s unbearable, seeing her
suffering but having no idea why. I don’t even think she knows why. Someone has
to help my Old Lady…because I don’t know where this will lead to. How can our
relationship survive after this? How can I trust her with our baby when she can
barely look after herself. Please, God, anyone, help us.

Author Bio:

Lucii is your typical
British girl, hates the sun and hibernates when summer arrives! She lives at
home with her 3 year old daughter, where they spend the day watching Frozen and
playing playdoh.

She started off as a regular
person, job, home life, health issues and a love of reading. After reading the
Fifty shade phenomenon, she went onto social media to seek other authors
writing the same or similar genres. She entered a world she didn’t know existed
and went on to open a successful blog.

Inspiring dreams took a back
burner while she learned the book community and met a bunch of amazing authors
and readers alike.

A year later she decided to
start writing, hoping against hope that her friends and fellow readers will
like what she brings to the table.

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& Lauren