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Title: The Girl of Sand & Fog

(The second of 3 stand-alone books.)
Series: Sand & Fog Series
Author: Susan Ward
Release Date: October 25th

The Girl of Sand & Fog is the second of three Stand-Alone books
in the Sand & Fog series. This book has a HEA.

Two seconds into the
kiss, I’m sure I haven’t misread the guy. He likes me. He is attracted to me. I
feel that flash of female supremacy surge through me. Just to be a bitch, I
move my hips slightly to brush my softer parts against his no longer soft part
before I end the kiss and scramble back over the gearshift to my side of the

“You can go now,” I

“I was planning to.”
Bobby opens the car door. “Do you want to hang out again sometime?”

He’s almost out of
the car. What a strange ‘that’s it’…

Kaley Stanton has it
all. Beauty. Brains. Wealth. A beloved, renowned family. And fame as an Internet
sensation. What she doesn’t have is the one thing she needs: the truth.

Bobby Rowan isn’t
the ordinary boy next door. This hot surfer doesn’t play by any rules but his
own. He’s never chased any girl. Kaley is no different.

As childhood friends
reconnecting years later, their shared history and instant chemistry draws them
together. But is that enough to make these two independent and conflicted souls
a forever love or will the past make a future for them impossible?

The Author:

Amazon top 100 Bestselling in Contemporary Romance/ Coming-of-Age/Historical Romance/Historical Romance Regency/ Erotica Humorous

I'm addicted to writing. I've written 41 romance novels My current releases include: The Girl on the Half Shell; The Girl of Tokens & Tears; The Girl of Diamonds & Rust; The Girl in the Comfortable Quiet; The Signature; Rewind; One Last Kiss; One More Kiss; One Long Kiss; When the Perfect Comes; Face to Face; Love’s Patient Fury. 

I've been in love with the Romance novel since I read my first Kathleen Woodiwiss book, and it seems to me that beyond a steamy fun read, a good romance novel is so much more: it is women empowering women. We share. We learn. 

So about me? I'm as eclectic as my books. A mom. A grandmother. A business owner. A writer of romance. An advocate for clean air and the environment. A wife and an animal lover. The best way to explain me is that once in a talent contest I played classical piano followed by a chopsticks duet with my toes. That pretty much sums up how I've lived my life!

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Other Titles by Susan Ward:

Broken Crown is the
first of three Stand-Alone books in the Sand & Fog series. The
new sequel to the Amazon Top # 100 Bestselling The Girl on the Half
Shell, Half Shell Series. This book has a HEA.

achieve iconic fame and extraordinary wealth, legendary rocker Alan
Manzone was willing to make sacrifices along the way. But his
greatest regret is losing the love of his life, Chrissie Parker.
There is no other woman on this earth for him. But wanting her,
getting her, and keeping her aren’t things Alan has ever been able
to do well. Again and again, he loses her.

alone, bitter, and filled with regret, he examines his life with
Chrissie. Every moment of love. Every glorious moment of passion.
Every torturous moment of parting. Finding happiness with a Parker is
not an easily achievable thing, but he is desperate to have the
future he's always struggled for and wanted with Chrissie.

that the timing is perfect for them both, can Alan finally claim the
only woman he has ever truly loved, or has the past made her lost to
him forever? Can his unrelenting love for her survive the web of
secrets that have at last been revealed? Is love enough for him to
find forgiveness and happiness with Chrissie?

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LWIW Cover

Title: Letters Written In White 
Author: Kathryn Perez 
Genre: Magical Realism 
Pre-Release Blitz: October 30, 2015 
Release Date: November 30, 2015 
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I’m dead.
I’m cold and alone and I’m dead. There’s no air in my lungs. My chest is as cold and hollow as a cave on a snow-capped mountain side. My heart no longer beats there. Frigid winds whistle through my ribs and the sadness inside me weeps like my favorite tree.
Days ago, I met with death face to face. The mirror, our meeting place. My two darkened green eyes stared deeply into hers. I tilted my head to the side. She did too.
“It’s time,” I whispered.
“It’s time,” she whispered.
And with that I turned away from her, the woman in the mirror who knew all of my secrets and all of my pain. I walked away from her and yet we’d never been closer than we were in that moment. The inner struggle was over. No more arguing with the woman in the mirror. No more arguing with myself. The choice was made. She was the victor. Or was I?
That was the day Riah Winter died.

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Kathryn Perez

Kathryn lives in her small East Texas hometown with her family. She 's a music infused writer and self-proclaimed book junkie. When she isn't listening to music, writing or reading you'll probably find her watching her favorite sport, UFC.
Kathryn is also an anti-bullying advocate and avid supporter of mental-illness and suicide awareness.

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Riley Simmons is on a mission. When all else fails, she logs into an exclusive website—looking for a discrete encounter. A paying discrete encounter. What does she have to lose? Her dignity? That went out with the eviction notice and she knows desperate times bring desperate measures.
Alexander Maxwell is a very wealthy man. When he finds Riley on the site, he’s drawn to her immediately—and he has the ways and means to take care of her.
Will Riley jump in with both feet? Or will she realize escort is another name for hooker—and she’s hooked?
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KB Winters is the author of the brand new Billionaire Romance Series, Plush. She has an addiction to caffeine and hard-bodied alpha males. The men in her books are very sexy, protective and sometimes bossy, her ladies are...well...bossier!
Living in sunny Southern California, this hopeless romantic writes every chance she gets!
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The Boss' Property: Submitting by Marie Deen

Title: The Boss' Property: Submitting

Author: Marie Deen

Genre: Erotic BDSM

Released: October 9, 2015
Page Count: 48 Pages

Taylor O'Brien wants a job that will challenge her and push her to her limits, and that's what she gets - but not necessarily in the way she expects. 

When Taylor is headhunted right before graduation for a position at a prestigious marketing firm, she feels an instant and intense chemistry with her new boss, Eric Jackson. A single stolen kiss leaves her hungry for more, but when he makes an unusual proposal, she has no idea what she's getting herself into. 

Eric knows that Taylor is the perfect choice to be his new submissive. All she needs is a little specialized training, which he's only too happy to provide. 

This provocative first installment of Taylor and Eric's erotically charged story charts the early days of their relationship, as he begins her BDSM education, and she begins to understand just what it means to belong to her Master." 

Warning: This book contains provocatively charged BDSM with a Master and his newly willing submissive. The world he opens up to her will change them both...forever.


“I'm getting worked up just THINKING about some of the things Marie wrote in this book. WHOA! Great job!”~ Goodreads Reviewer
“Marie Deen has the ability to give you a short story with actual characters and some super steamy scenes!”~ Goodreads Reviewer
“4 hot submitting stars!! This book was a quick hot read, it definitely sucks you in as you read it!! And I loved that it’s so fast paced.”~ Alpha Book Club

 I’m Marie Deen! Mother, serial entrepreneur and author. For as long as I can remember, I've  written my erotic visions. I specialize in Erotica for the soul, tantalizing thoughts that will excite you, and fire up your mental passion.   My first book The Boss's Property- Submitting is a story that I envisioned, so I wanted to share with all of you.  It's the perfect tale of innocence seduced by her Master…. I love BDSM…..My alter ego loves being a sexy sub, its fantasy! Smut & Erotic Author and best of all I obey my Master!