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Shibari -- a Japanese word that literally means "to tie" or "to bind".
Dusty Rose is well versed in the beauty of shibari. Trained in Japan as a nawashi, a rope artist, there is nothing more she enjoys than the feel of the silk rope running through her fingers as she binds her willing partners in the intricate patterns of her art. Cece Robbe--her real name, the person she hides behind--loses herself there, away from her socialite parents and her overbearing brother.
Dr. Killian McInnis has had a rough year, after saving his friend Nathaniel's life. Tragedy heaped on unhappiness have followed him and he doggedly tried to avoid them by going back to the life he thought he could live without: being a Dom. It seems to be the only way to escape the social darling his family expects him to marry; it's the only time he gets to himself to think of way to escape.
Cece is backed into a corner by her family, and forced into an engagement she doesn’t want with someone she doesn’t know. Killian can’t seem to escape from Diane and her designs on their perfect life. They cling to each other desperately trying to find a way out…
…but things have to get worse before they get better.
*Part 1 of 2.*
**CONTENT WARNING: This story contains adult language, sexual situations. It is intended for adult audience 18+ ONLY**
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About the author

Armed with her Bachelors of English, Literature from Montclair State University and a pen name, Katherine Rhodes has set her mind to writing erotic romances which are kinky, dirty, and fun. A lackadaisical laundry goddess, expert in the profundities of bad movies and awful literature, she resides in Philadelphia with her husband, three cats and a betta named Fishtian Grey.
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Title: Illicit Angels.
Author: Alicia Taylor.
Genre: Dark Romantic Suspense.
Release date: August 15th 2015.


Eternity Rivera had a fairy tale life until one fateful night intruders stormed her home, destroying it and her parents in their passing, leaving her and her baby sister behind. With the help of her uncle, she soon learns that life moves on, until a monster comes lurking into her room at night. When she finally makes the decision to change her life for the better, Eternity is hit with another life-altering blow. Sometimes life is cruel and unkind and kicks you up the arse, leading you down a dark path you want nothing to do with. Sometimes we don't have a choice. 

Ryke Justice has lived his life in purgatory for the last ten years, but to him, it’s just another day in the office. They don't call him Justice for no reason; you mess with the boss and you're messing with him. Justice will come and you won't even be expecting it. That is until an Angel finally turns his head and becomes the envy of every girl there. She ignites his desires, stirring his black soul back to life, but is she strong enough to withstand his monster? 

Can Eternity save Justice from himself? Can Ryke finally give into his deepest darkest desires? Has his monster finally met his mate? 

Choices will be made, Justice will be served, and things are about to get hot. It's time to go to the dark side. 

Welcome to Illicit Angels.

Warning! This book isn’t your typical romance. It’s dark, dirty, and dangerous. This series contains dark subject matter, including sexual abuse, kidnapping, torture, rape and murder. 18+ only.

This story is part of a six part series, each approx. 50-60k words in length.

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Eternity.” His voice has a deep baritone, and it seems to vibrate deep in my
bones. “Please come and take a seat.” His tone holds no room for argument and I
find my feet taking me to sit in the chair across from him before my brain
registers the motion. “I’m going to tell you how things work here. I don’t want
you to speak. You will hear me out, and I will answer any questions you have
after I’ve finished. Do you understand?” I nod my head, too afraid to speak.
This man is pure evil. It emanates from him in dark clouds, covering me in
shadows. He seems to loom over me but that’s impossible; he’s five feet away
from me.
“I’m going to
tell you a story. This is your story. When I’ve finished it, you will
understand what we expect of you. Okay?” At my nod, he begins my story. “A long
time ago, your father approached me. He made a deal with me, and you were the
promise. You became club property, but this deal had conditions. I accepted all
your father’s conditions and everything was running smoothly. That was, until
you fucking disappeared. Vanished into thin air,” he says. Black Eyes takes a
deep breath through his nose, and his jaw clenches tightly. “That deal was
broken the minute you went underground. When you resurfaced, I came for what
was mine.”
I try to
process his words. If what he’s saying is the truth, then Carlos was right. My
daddy did sell me. But he thinks I’ve been underground, whatever that means. If
it means what I think it does, then he is crazy. This isn’t some mob story.
This is my life.
“What was–” I
don’t get to finish my question. Black Eyes stands, knocking his leather seat
back against the wall. He slams his hands on his desk, and the noise bounces
around the room, echoing. I hold my breath and wait for him to speak.
“I said you
speak when I’ve fucking finished. You said you understood. If you don’t, little
girl, then I will make you understand. I’ll fucking gag you. Keep your mouth
shut, otherwise I’ll make you. We clear?” he growls. His voice rises, anger
lacing his words. My breath hitches, but I remain silent. “Good girl,” he says
in a calmer voice. “Illicit Angels is exactly what it implies in the title.
Rich men pay an exorbitant amount of money to fuck beautiful girls – beautiful
Angels, to be more precise. It’s indecent. It’s immoral. It’s illicit.”
“Rich men buy
their way in but, occasionally, we allow a promise. A promise is a sale. We get
the gift of a new girl. They gain entry. When a promise is broken, we end that
promise. A long time ago, you should have been taken out. Wiped out,” he
hisses. “You disappeared before that could happen. Now that you’re back in our
clutches and I can see your potential, there are a few choices to make,
Eternity. You see, I want that promise back, but a new deal had to be struck. I
can’t just take a promise back. It would be bad for business. In this life, you
should already be dead.”
My brain swirls
with questions, but I’m frozen. Stuck in his story. What choices are there? My
daddy wanted into this club? He wanted to cheat on my mum? Why would he want to
come here? Surely, if he wanted to cheat, then he could have picked up a
mistress. He didn’t need to sell me. He chose to. Hate and hurt
ripples through my veins, hot and swift.
“You get six
months before you’re claimed, Eternity,” Black Eyes says, drawing my attention
back to him. “Six months to make a good impression. You can’t be a promise, but
you can be a new Angel. For the first month, the bidders can only look
at you and touch bare skin. The next two months, they can taste you. Give you
untold pleasure,” he says nonchalantly. Black Eyes speaks as if we’re
discussing the bloody weather, and his cool demeanour makes me want to scream. I
don’t want goddamn pleasure.
“The following three months they can give and
receive pleasure. They’ll teach you how they like it and you will learn
to submit to their every demand. Their every need. At the six-month mark, they
will bid. The winning bidder will own you. You will become theirs to control,
theirs to use, theirs to do with as they damn well please. I’m sure their first
order of business will be to strip you of your virginity. That little lining
inside will make you pussy gold. They’ll pay a pretty penny for you. There is
one slight problem. Your promise wants you, and it seems he’s willing to stake
his claim now. You have six months to make your decision, Eternity. You can
persuade a bidder to want you enough to go up against Justice, or you can face
the man himself and accept your fate. Justice won’t let you go. He’ll fight
until you’re his. You have to decide which route to follow. Both will result in
you being Justice’s, but you can fight for something better. I’m not sure
you’re strong enough to withstand Justice’s darkness.”     
 Once he’s finished talking, he just stares at
me, captivating me with his pitch black eyes. I want to speak, but I’m not sure
if he’s testing me so I stay quiet. Black Eye’s smirks and nods his head.
“Good girl,” he
praises. It was a test! “Do you understand what is to happen over the
next six months?” I nod my head but still don’t say a word. “Do you accept these
terms?” Black clouds swamp my mind. This is all too much. I don’t want any of
this. I didn’t choose any of this, and I won’t accept it. But I’m too scared to
answer him. A chill darts down my spine when anger twists his face at my
non-response, and a frisson of fear, cold and brewing, unfurls in my stomach.
“Do. You. Accept. These. Fucking. Terms?” he spits, each word separated and
angry. When I still don’t answer, he storms around his desk to stand beside me.
I flinch, expecting a blow, but none comes. I peek up at him and find him
panting in rage. “Speak,” he growls.
“What if…” I
pause, clearing my throat. My mouth is dry and terror is overwhelming me. “What
if I don’t accept?” I ask, hesitantly. Black Eyes laughs at me, a sparkle of
delight fills his soulless gaze.
“Well, here is
your problem. I was made a promise, and that promise wasn’t fulfilled. I want
the debt paid. I was promised a daughter, and I’m going to have one. I know
Rivera has two daughters,” he drawls, pausing to let his words sink in. My eyes
widen when I get where he’s going with this. I shake my head. This can’t be
“Little Nevaeh is acceptable as payment, but I thought you would
want to accept the fate your father gave you rather than subject your baby
sister to it. I’m more than happy to have Nevaeh in your place if you don’t
“No,” I gasp.
Emotion, swift and violent, rushes through me. I’ve spent the last four years
protecting my sister. I won’t let it all be for nothing. “I’ll do it,” I weep.
“I’ll stay.”
“I thought you
might,” he replies, smugly. “Now you just have to decide if you’re going to
fight for your place or be consumed by Justice.”
“Who is
Justice?” I whisper, brokenly.
“He’s someone
who will destroy you, little girl. You’re not strong enough to be with him.
Justice will swallow you whole.”
“Why?” I choke.

“Because you
made him feel,” he empathises. “But I can see you’re not strong enough.
If you break at this point, then you are too weak to go against him.”

About the Author:

I was born and raised in the East I live with my family and mass of animals - I'm a huge family and animal lover. Writing powerful love stories and creating Alpha males with a dash of darkness has become a passion of mine, and I have many stories and characters swirling in my head that I can't wait to share with you all. Is it weird to have so many voices in my head? I'm not crazy, I promise... maybe a little bit. 

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Henry is back and Annabelle couldn’t be happier, especially since it’s her chance to get away from her witch of a mother. But it isn’t long before the nightmares begin again. This time it’s more real than the first time, causing her to have no choice but to tell Henry everything that’s happened before he got there.
Awakening from her latest nightmare she finds yet another branding on her forehead. But this time it’s different, it’s green. The need to find out more leads them to a mental hospital for women where she finds someone that resembles closely to her, to her parent’s house where she finds out more than she wants to, and to an old woman that might actually be able to help them.
However, before she can end this nightmare she gets kidnapped by a group of women that only want one thing- their sister back. And the only person who can give them what they want is her mom- her real mother.
Annabelle’s nightmare isn’t over just yet and with the help of her boyfriend maybe, just maybe she’ll be able to finally move forward from this.
Readers 18+ for sexual content

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About the author

Newly married Ashley Ehlers now resides in San Diego with her husband who is currently stationed there. There in their cozy two bedroom apartment she finds the peace she’s been looking for. As they settle into the new chapters of their lives Ashley’s Muses are growing stronger than ever as inspiration is around every corner in her latest adventure.
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Bradley’s Whistle
Was he a hitman? A Navy Seal? Gigolo? I had no idea what Bradley Emerson did for a living. I’d figure it out though, secrets didn’t sit well with me and I loved a challenge. ~ Wiska
I wanted her. I didn’t want to want her, but the brain in my head was no longer in control of this vessel. Wanting her went against my rules, but apparently my male member was a rule breaker.  ~ Bradley

A comedy romance
By Kirsty Dallas

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Alex Crockford
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Connect with Kirsty:

I grew up on the beaches of North Queensland, Australia before migrating south to the iconic Gold Coast in 1995. I traded the surf and my bikini for pajama's and a computer when I embarked on writing professionally in 2012. 

I write first and foremost for myself. I write characters and ideas that come from my heart, then take shape and evolve into entire landscapes in my mind. 

I am fascinated with most creative outlets --- photography, art, music, you name it, I love it. I don't take life too seriously and I love to hear from fans and other like-minded, creative people. So drop me a line or come hang out on Facey or over at the Twitter-verse!

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Unlikely Allies by C.C. Koen

Title: Unlikely Allies
Author: C.C. Koen 
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 13, 2015
What happens when a single mom’s four-year-old daughter falls in love with Mr. Right and she doesn’t?

Maggie Tyson’s rule: no bad boys. Her incarcerated ex-husband broke her of that attraction. Needing to escape his threats and the scrutiny of the people in her hometown, Maggie relocates to New York City. Determined to not make the same mistakes, she has a mile-long list of dos and don’ts. Unfortunately, her daughter, Cecily, doesn’t like to follow them. When Cecily wanders away from her and right into Rick Stone’s office, Maggie knows he’s the exact type she’s been trying to avoid. Can she resist him or will she succumb to his willful charm?

Rick Stone’s rule: bed them don’t wed them. Running a multibillion dollar business doesn’t leave him with much time to do anything else, particularly with an overbearing grandfather breathing down his neck. But when a man works hard, he needs to play even harder. Voted America’s most eligible bachelor, Rick doesn’t have any problems getting women into his bed—except one.

Two auburn beauties stumble into his life.

One will break his heart.

The other—heal it.

Will he love or leave them?

“This place is packed. Why’d you pick it?”

Lodged in her brain for several weeks now, Mr. Stone’s guttural tenor replayed in her daydreams and in her sleep. She inched around performing a mental countdown from ten to zero, which helped cool her off when Cece pushed her buttons, and by some miracle she hoped would work in this instance too.

A steel gray oxford, no tie, and slim-fit pants with the same sheen as his button-down vest produced an unnatural reaction. Her tongue rolled to the roof of her mouth and withheld the groan his arousing professional attire and fresh-air scent planted in her head.

“Uh…” Mr. Stone narrowed his eyes at Matt and clamped a hand on his shoulder. His flushed face resembled the cherry red that often tinted joggers’ cheeks. “Buddy, you didn’t tell me Maggie would be here. Thought you said this was a business lunch.” He waved a folder and tossed it on the table.

Matt’s grin flashed toward her and then to his friend. “You do realize she’s cooking, right?”

Just then Mr. Stone’s gaze drifted across her chest, becoming transfixed for a while on the crisscrossed fork, spoon, and knife emblem at her left breast and then darted up to her face. If possible, his skin reddened even more as he dropped onto the wooden stool, an impact that scraped the chair back a few inches, rocking him into Matt’s shoulder.

“Let’s order. I’m starved.” An elbow shot given to his buddy, Matt knocked Mr. Stone’s bent arm off the edge of the table and pointed to the menu. “Pick something, fast. I need to get to dessert before it’s all gone.”

Using a similar mocking tone like Matt had earlier, Mr. Stone scanned the room while he spoke. “You realize we’re in a restaurant that has loads of food.”

She got a chuckle out of the amusing banter. Normally, she and Kat rubbed each other the wrong way. It was good to see the ribbing happening to someone else for a change.

“No, smart ass. Maggie’s extra special, sweet treat. There’s a limited amount.”

The menu forgotten and dropped onto the table, Mr. Stone set his chin in his hand and repositioned his arm where it had been before Matt knocked it down. In a seductive murmur he asked, “What sinful goodies do you have for me, Maggie?” Extended across the counter, his hand cupped hers from underneath and gripped it like a beggar pleading for anything and everything she could give.

“Cece, Cece, where are you?”
They both turned toward the door.
An adult version of the pint-sized girl appeared in the doorway. This variation, though, had hair on the cherry side of auburn with twists of milk chocolate streaming through the strands.  A messy ponytail slung high on top of her head, and thick, curly waves fell over her shoulder, instead of bright, reddish-orange pigtails like Cece’s.
“Cece, come here.” The woman’s stern tone communicated there better not be any arguments. Cece marched across the room. “My daughter shouldn’t have run off. I’m sorry if she disturbed you.”
A company logo and name written in gold script in a circular pattern above her left breast caught his attention: Westlake Security Services. His best friend, Matt, owned the firm adjacent to his office. She’d have to pass his suite to get there, yet he’d never seen her before. He inspected her uniform, a gray polo shirt and black slacks. An outfit he’d seen many times before, but it never looked that good on anyone else. The fabric, tucked in at her waist, had a cut that hugged her handful-sized breasts, and slim pants accentuated her curvy hips.
He lifted his gaze and found the woman ushering Cece out the door. “Wait.”
Cece turned, beaming a huge smile at him. “I would a told ya bye.” And just as fast, her little face morphed from happy to perturbed, aimed at her mother, and with her arms crossed, Cece shook her head.
Without missing a beat, and as smooth as his mother would have, the woman redirected Cece. “Say good night to Mr.…”
“Stone, Rick Stone.”
She set a hand on Cece’s shoulder, nudging her and casting a do-what-your-mother-says stare. “I have to get back to work. Say goodbye to Mr. Stone."
“What’s your name?” He couldn’t let her get away that fast.
“Margareta Cassidy Tyson,” Cece shouted with emphasis, a pause between each distinction. “My mama works here.” She pointed toward the hall. “She plays on a phone and ʼputer. It got lotsa buttons.” She shook her head, pigtails flinging back and forth over one shoulder then the other, followed by an overdrawn sigh. “She don’t let me push ʼem. Don’t ya think I should get to push ʼem? He let me push his.” Cece looked up at her mother and shot her arm toward him, her shrugging shoulders communicating, “See, everybody can do it. No big deal.”
Rick chuckled and then stopped when Maggie spun around, hands set on her hips. He rubbed his palm along the back of his neck and shifted from one foot to the other as an uncomfortable silence engulfed the room. “Let me explain.”

Rick waved to Paul, the evening security guard, and exited the office building. Another midnight departure. It wasn’t that Rick noticed the time anymore; a fifteen-hour work day was common for him. Tonight though, he left with each task on his to-do list accomplished.

Dead tired, he focused on the parking garage across the street. At the walking signal, he jogged to the other side. Two huddled bodies in the bus stop enclosure captured his attention. “What are you doing?” He rushed toward them, stopping at the edge of the bench.

Maggie jolted and glowered at him. “You scared me half to death. I’m waiting for the bus.”

Was she out of her mind? “It’s not safe. You can’t even defend yourself. Not with a sleeping girl in your arms.”

Maggie rested her cheek on top of Cece’s. “I don’t have a choice.”

“You could have caught a cab.”

She tilted her chin up, shot him an agitated brow, and buried her face against Cece’s. “It’s far. It would’ve been too expensive.”

“I’ll drive you. Where do you live?”

“No,” she whispered.

“It wasn’t a choice, Maggie.” He leaned down to scoop Cece into his arms, but Maggie put her hand up, stopping him.

“Don’t.” She stared, unrelenting, and her back scooted into the corner of the booth. Her tight, squared shoulders were on full alert. “How do I know you aren’t some lunatic?”

He wanted to laugh, he really did, but her honest reaction shouldn’t have surprised him. Used to getting his way, he hadn’t thought twice or considered she’d protest the offer. His mouth pulled into a frown as he considered his intimidating stance towering over her. He backed up a few steps, raising his hands. Unwilling to relent, he scrolled through his cell, pressed a few buttons, and when he got an answer, he kept his focus on her. “I need you to vouch for me.” His best friend’s laughter on the other end ticked him off, but he wouldn’t rest until he had his way. “Mention I’m a good guy.” Then he eased closer to Maggie, his hand extended, urging her to accept a concession he wasn’t used to making.

Her eyes flicked from him to the phone and back a few times. He wasn’t sure if the blank look on her face meant she believed him or she’d scream for help. Several tense seconds later, she plucked the cell from his hands, her fingertips clipped to the top and nowhere near close to touching him. “Hello.” Her quiet, reserved whisper revealed hesitancy, but her intense observation demonstrated she wouldn’t surrender easily. “Maggie Tyson.” After a brief pause she answered with a relieved and happy bounce in her voice, “Oh, Matt, hey.” She listened and nodded, her lips curled into a quirky smile and disappeared before he could appreciate it. “Yeah. Uh, huh. Will do, bye.”

After he tucked the phone in his suit pocket, his hand clenched it over and over, waiting for her to say something, anything. Tired of the long silence and her scrutinizing inspection of his eyes, nose, mouth, and grinding jaw, he rocked back and forth on his heels for the second time. “Well?”

C.C. Koen writes contemporary romance with a twist. An avid reader who enjoys mystery and suspense, her stories will never be what you expect. Determined to find adventure in her dreams and life, she enjoys skydiving, sailing and any activity that challenges her. Teacher by day, romance writer at night produce an active imagination that comes to life in her writing.



My Revie

Unlikely AlliesUnlikely Allies by C.C. Koen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

***Arc received by author for honest review***

Maggie Tyson’s rule: no bad boys. Her incarcerated ex-husband broke her of that attraction.

Rick Stone’s rule: bed them don’t wed them. Running a multibillion dollar business doesn’t leave him with much time to do anything else, particularly with an overbearing grandfather breathing down his neck.

The best part of this book was CeCe, Maggie's little girl, who stumbles into Rick's office one night looking for her pet mouse. Rick is captured by this adorable little girl from the start. Her mother on the other hand not so much. Of course Rick isn't exactly wanting to get into anything either, but the more and more he sees of CeCe and Maggie the more he wants too. Maggie on the other hand is slightly jaded by her ex, CeCe's father. The man that Maggie sent to prison.

The couple fight with everything they have not to be with each other, but they are powerless against what CeCe wants.

This is a very sweet, if not a little slow, love story. Not just between man and woman but from a child to a father-figure. It's heart-warming and funny.

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